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    Some photographs, of the hotel to be found in the visit of the Buddies
    Some photographs, of the hotel to be found in the visit of the Buddies
    Some photographs, of the hotel to be found in the visit of the Buddies


    Les Copains
    Les Copains

    A reference to French literature, the hotel & restaurant "Les Copains" is just opposite the only round town hall in France, mentioned in the famous novel by Jules Romains. Since 1935, welcome and service have been the watchwords for the family who run the hotel, the 4th generation is currently in charge.

    - Hôtel 10 rooms. "Logis de France".
     - Crédit card accepted : CB/VISA.
    - 2 restauration rooms 60 and 20 people
    - Seminares...

    Hotel rates

    Room Minimum price : 62,00 EUR - Maximum price : 74,00 EUR
    Half board Minimum price : 58,00 EUR - Maximum price : 100,00 EUR
    Breakfast  8,50 EUR
    Business Stopovers 74,00 EUR

    Ambert conceals a range of surprises (production of paper, prayer rosary beads, blue fourme cheese). Jules Romains wrote in "Les Copains", about the famous town hall, that it was « a sort of large rotonda, of which the one in the Parc Monceau in Paris is a pale imitation »... Starting point for a range of excursions in the Forez mountains. Visit the famous sites of Puy-de-Dôme, Sancy, Puy-en-Velay, not forgetting the European volcano centre "Vulcania".

    L'histoire des Copains...
    L'histoire des Copains...

    Dear Friends of Gastronomy,

    It is always nice , after a good meal , to write down some thankful words to the Head Chef who was responsible for a lovely evening with your guests.
    That’s why I take the liberty of asking for a little of your time in order to discover the story of this restaurant « LES COPAINS » (The Buddies_  « Pals »).
    In 1935 Mr and Mrs FOREST décided to buy a house just opposite the famous round city-hall of AMBERT and became «  innkeepers » as they used to say.
    Their daughter Marie and her husband Joseph CHELLE stepped into their parents footsteps and enlarged the family business which was called « HOTEL DE LA POSTE ».
    Already , the people came from afar to taste Marie and Joseph' specialities , the famous tripes as well as the escargots. 
    In I964 their son Jeannot and his wife Nicole in their turn enlarged the hotel and named it «  Les Copains » after the film which was shot here by Yves Robert.
    The fourth generation was arriving : Thierry, Jeannot and Nicole' eldest son , entered the Hotel School in CHAMALIERES (near Clermont-Ferrand).After his final exams he moved to PARIS and worked here for several months in « LIDO », international cabaret in Champs Elysées. But he aimed higher and applied for the « Ecole Supérieure de cuisine » in PARIS.After two years he graduated and did 2 trainee ships , training of 6 months each: Restaurant « FAUGERON »,an excellent maison , and further with the great Head chef JOEL ROBUCHON.
    Back in AMBERT he replaced his grand-mother behind the kitchen-range , his father did the bar keeping and his mother Nicole managed the restaurant.
    His youngest brother Sylvain attended the Hotel School of VERRIERE-EN-FOREZ , then completed his professional education by a wine waiter’s training in SAINT-CHELY D’APCHER after which he returned to be the manager of the restaurant «  LES COPAINS ».
    Humanity progresses and technology should follow : in 1996 «  LES COPAINS » was enlarged and improverd once more!
    The kitchen was transformed into an ultra-modern laboratory , the restaurant room became spacious , bright and comfortable. Next to it there is now a function room that can be transformed into a conference room. The bar has been renovated . The ten rooms are all classified « GrandConfort »(most comfortable). 
    This , in short , is the family FOREST-CHELLE history. Four generations of innkeepers and Chefs in Ambert.
    Being born in Ambert myself , I am very flattered to have the honour to be confided to write the preface of this golden book which I foresee to be luxurious.
    However , if you come back here , certainly don't forget some of Thierry’s specialities such as his frog’s legs wrapped in puff-pastry his 7-hours-leg of lamb or his « Omble Chevalier » (a kind of salmon) in all simplicity as it should be , and even the dessert , the autumn dish or the parfait glacé with its raspberry coulis and many other lovely dishes. All these good things are served to you with the kindness and know-how of Sylvain , you will be welcomed by Nicole’s smile and Jeannot’s hospitality.

    Louis Pierre ROCHE
    Maître Cuisinier de France
    Chef de Groupe Honoraire
    À l’École Supérieure de Cuisine Française
    Membre Emérite de l’Académie Culinaire de France

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    Thierry CHELLE
    42 Boulevard Henri IV - 63600 AMBERT
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